Side Effects of Ales: What I Did Yesterday

Friday is approaching, and you cannot afford about to stay indoors because you can’t wait to toast glasses and hear those clicking sounds. If you are about to go on a weekend, ensure you carry a few packs of ales to celebrate and relax your mind. Nothing beats the good feeling of spending time with friends than taking a few bottles of your favourite ale.

However, we all know that too much drinking can turn your story upside down. This reminds me of what I did yesterday. After taking my favourite ale, the following are some of the side effects, which I experienced this morning, but others may emerge if you drink carelessly.


Ales have stimulants, which integrate with gastric acid. The compound formed from these two can lead to reflux at gastroesophageal. This, in turn, results in what’s called heartburn.


Like other types of alcohol, ales can also affect your motor skills and nerves. When this happens, you may expect hangovers in the morning, if not at night. However, with time the hangovers end ant it is not something to be worried about since it is a short time effect. Moreover, you can take some recipe to get over the hangover.

Impact on the Blood Sugar Level

Taking a lot of ales can interfere with your blood sugar level. Basically, the liver is responsible for converting glycogen to glucose, then release it into your bloodstream. What is more, alcohol helps to kill germs in the gut. The alcohol in ales inhibits this process by creating hunger pangs, making you yearn for more food.

Gluten Insensitivity

Most of the ales in the market have malted barley. This barley comprises of gluten, which is basically a type of protein. A few people, me included, are sensitive to protein. Therefore, if you are insensitive to gluten, it would be a good idea to go for ales, which are free from this protein.