New Ales from the USA

From the ancient days to date, beer has been part of life. Ale is a type of beer that is worth consideration. Ale comes with different types which are, brown ale, mild ale, pale ale, golden ale, among others. Every beer has its recipe that has led to its taste that has its consumers yearning for the next glass alone or with friends. Here are some facts about the new ales from the USA.

How Ale is Prepared

The warm fermentation method is used to brew ale that brings about the pleasant fruity taste that is full-bodied and sweet. This preparation and its flavour led to the term ale, referring to a drink instigated without hops that were a key ingredient in the production of beer. Later, hops replaced gruit which is now used as a bittering agent that helps in preservation and balancing the malt.

Health Benefits of Ale

Most people drink ale from the USA when bonding with friends or as a way of reducing stress. Well, the good news is there is more than just bonding and stress management. Moderate consumption of ale is not harmful for you. Ale is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fibre that contribute to a healthy diet. Also, controlled consumption of ale as a beer helps the heart by lowering the rates of cardiovascular disease. It is also associated with the prevention of kidney stones.

What to Pair With the New Ale

You could be curious about what foods pair well with your drink of ale. Well when enjoying your beer drink, some food goes well with the alcohol. Foods like pizza, fried foods, steaks, Asian and Mexican food as well as burgers can go along well with ale. Cold ales of about 16 degree Celsius taste better. Get refreshed and enjoy your moments with new brews from the USA.