Healthy NZ Ales I Like Drinking in My Free Time

Most people worldwide tend to believe that wine is healthier than beer. However, recent research has discovered that ale has less sugar compared to wine. Also, brews in NZ that I enjoy drinking are made with ingredients that are healthy to the human body. During the brewing process, a lot of sugar that is in beer is fermented yeast. I have carefully chosen some of the good aspects that are in ales I drink.

Spruce Beer for Scurvy

Spruce beer was initially made by Captain Cook to provide his crew with vitamin C. The Main ingredient he included was spruce and Manuka. Since the original brew was not that appealing to taste, Mussel Inn’s notched up the elements a bit to add flavour for the customers to enjoy. However, the primary ingredients of Manuka and spruce have not been changed.

For a Clear Head Take Low Alcohol Ale

There are beers made with low alcohol content and are tasty, considering the flavour. A good example is Croucher’s Lowrider IPA made by Rotorua Brewery. Such beers are made with low alcohol content specifically for health purposes to the drinkers. They are also good drinks to take for hydration.

Gluten-Free Beer for the Gut

Gluten-free ales have sorghum as the main ingredient. It has high protein elements and also has less fat. They are also delicious to taste and enjoyable to any drinker. Such ales are advisable for people who have gut issues. Examples of such beers are Scott’s gluten-free beer and Kereru’s Auro gluten-free ale.

Hops for a Calm Mood

Research has discovered that the hops bud can help in calming moods though they are bitter to taste. Ales made from hops are recommended to people who have trouble sleeping or have anxiety problems. Since soporific qualities can be found in hops, they are used in many aromatherapy products.